The Traveling Leash

Carnival Cat and Canine Care launches Dog Walking Service with Added Value!

We invite you to make reservations for dog walking, giving your pooch a break with exercise,from long days without his/her family.  

 The Value Pak

Purchase an 8-Pak and receive a savings of 10%!
(Recommended use within one year of purchase)

Simply use your Value Pak for a 30 minute pooch walk/visit…

…if you are taking a long day away from home, on a ski day or an outing with your family, and you are not able to take your furry family member along….

…if you have long commutes, get caught in traffic, or decide to do errands after work….

…if Fido just needs to get a healthy walk every day or a couple times a week to work off some energy, collect information in the neighborhood (sniffing) or work on leash and heel training.


Cesar Millan from National Geographic’s television show, “The Dog Whisperer”, states that “a well walked and exercised pooch lives a longer, healthier, and happier life with less need for medications in their senior years”.